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School Staff


Please help us welcome Shaykh Tamer Osman, the newly appointed Interim Head of School at Universal School of Buffalo.


Shaykh Tamer embodies a lifelong commitment to education and community service. From the school's inception in 2001, Shaykh Tamer has played an integral role as a dedicated staff member.

Shaykh Tamer Osman is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo State, where he earned both his Bachelors in Business and Master's in Childhood Education. Shaykh Tamer's formal education is complemented by a profound dedication to Islamic studies. His extensive knowledge has been acquired directly from teachers around the world, reflecting his passion for mastering various Islamic subjects.

As the Islamic Studies teacher since the school's beginning, Shaykh Tamer's teachings have left an indelible mark on students. His innovative methods, rooted in the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, have made Islamic studies a favorite among students. His labor of love in this role has earned him widespread respect and admiration.

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Shaykh Tamer's community impact extends beyond the school. His transformative work with Jami Masjid of Buffalo, converting a historic church into a leading Islamic institution, showcases his visionary leadership. Under his guidance, Jami Masjid has become a cornerstone for inviting others to Island through community programs.

Shaykh Tamer's appointment as Interim Head of School is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills, strong community reputation, and the genuine affection he has garnered from both staff and students. His unwavering dedication to Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ positions him as an excellent choice to lead the Universal School of Buffalo into a new era of educational excellence and community service.

Head of School for Universal School - Shaykh Tamer Osman |
Vice Principal - Zahir Lewis |

Administrative Assistant - Hayfa Khlifi |
Financial Manager - Claudia Carballo |

Registrar -  Maram Manjouna |

Cafeteria Director - Paola Rivera |
School Counselor,  - Julianne Campana |
Kindergarten Teacher - Umaya Mehbub |
1st Grade Teacher - Paulaya Grocott |
2nd Grade Teacher - Halima Hussein |
3rd Grade Teacher - Farah Hamed |
4th Grade Teacher -  Hibbah Mojawalla|
5th Grade Teacher - Eneshair Mohammed |
6th Grade Teacher - Raana Azam |
English, MS & HS Teacher - Kassidy Knight |
Math, MS & HS Teacher - Sima Gilani |

Science, MS & HS Teacher -  Brian Steinberg |
Science, MS & HS Teacher - Kennadiid Abdulla |
Social Studies MS & HS Teacher - Nora Berman |
Elementary Arabic Teacher - Gamila Alwan|
Arabic, MS & HS Teacher - Maha Al Madi |
Arabic, High School Teacher - Pasha Syed |
Islamic Studies, MS & HS Teacher - Tamer Osman |
Boys Quran & Elementary Islamic Studies Teacher - Fatimah Haynes |
Girls Quran & Elementary Islamic Studies Teacher - Aneesah Shaffee |
Physical Ed Teacher- Craig Flynn |
Intervention Teacher - Hissen Habir|

Art Teacher -  Muhammad McMillan |

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