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A full-time school project began in response to the many issues our Muslim children face in a non-Muslim environment.  With the emergence of Islamic Schools in metropolitan areas similar in size to the Greater Buffalo area, a definite pattern of success and academic excellence has been observed. Following the example of other communities, a committed group of Muslims began to dedicate their time and efforts in making this school a reality. Though serious talks have been ongoing for many years, the 1998 year marked the beginning for researching, developing and implementing stages for Universal. The school planning committee was made up of teachers, parents, and community leaders from various WNY communities. We set out to create a school of academic excellence with an Islamic conscience that caters to all children in the WNY area. Our long-term goal is to provide a school that enrolls from Pre-K through 12th grades in a school facility to accommodate size and growth.

Alhamdullilah, the hard work and time was well spent and we are pleased to say on September 4, 2001, Universal School opened its doors for the first time. In 2008, Universal School became a fully accredited K-8 school through the Middle States Association on Elementary Schools. 

We pray that other Muslims join our cause and help create, support and protect such organizations that are pleasing to Allah (SWT). 

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