Every year our 8th grade class is given the opportunity to go on a life changing 8th grade field trip to perform Umrah. Students are accompanied by brother Tamer, our Islamic Studies Director, and parent chaperones during the trip. The purpose is to provide our students a spiritual experience and life lasting memories with their classmates. These trips have left a mark on the hearts of both students, parents, and staff.  Students come back with wonderful stories of spending time with friends, and sealing their faith with a memorable spiritual experience. Each year, with the assistance of our community and their phenomenal fundraising, students have been able to go on the trip at a reduced cost. This trip is solely for the 8th grade class and parents chaperoning. A 2020-2021 Umrah Handbook including details and dates will be given to families to review. If you would like to donate to help send our students to Umrah, please click Donate Now and label your donation as "Umrah".